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Newsletter  -  Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The Gift of Receiving


My heart had a revelation, this past January, which penetrated the deepest parts of me. I experienced the love of God like never before. Understanding at a new level that God knows me, loves me and cares about me in a very personal way melted my heart completely. He truly is the giver of good gifts, and I learned to receive those gifts.


We are often motivated to give, and that's good. We give our time, talent, energy, money, etc. to helping and serving others. Isn't it better to give than receive? Aren't those in ministry called to be the servant of all? Yes, if done in God's context of love and not man's context which often causes exhaustion and burnout. The truth is that we were made to receive love, grace, peace, joy, vision, rest, and so much more, as well as give it. However, we rarely take the time to open up and receive. Yes, we have to make the choice to receive. I thought I was a receiver, but a few months ago I realized I had never allowed myself to receive as much or more than I gave. God changed that when he kissed my heart open to receiving at a whole new level. Let me explain.


The first of January, I had the honor of speaking at a gathering of churches in Italy . This was my first trip to the Mediterranean ; a place I had dreamed of visiting since my childhood. I knew my Father God had joyfully reached into the secret dreams of my heart and given me the gift of my heart's desire. In the two weeks following, I spent several days sharing precious time with teachers of a Christian based dance school, taught a worship dance workshop, went sight-seeing around Florence with new dear friends, and daily completely enjoyed the company of those around me. I breathed it all in. To my delight, every day I felt the deep kisses of the Father. I literally cried from joy as I saw the most beautiful sights, tasted the most delicious food, listened to the melodic language, and was welcomed into the arms of those around me. Kiss, kiss, kiss... I felt the Father plant them on my heart, my face, my life.


Receiving changed me. I have become a puddle of love. As it happened, I found that I just wanted to love all those around me, both receiving them and receiving from them. Long meaningful hugs that radiate with the overwhelming love of the Father have become a part of my greetings. It only took a short time to understand that when I open myself up to receive those around me, love abounds. I also learned that when people know they are loved and received by someone, then they truly open up to receive from that person. Receiving those I met during those two weeks allowed us to connect deeply. There was a remarkably quick time of healing, freedom, learning, and growth in those God brought me to, and in me.


Jesus demonstrated receiving and loving when he walked the earth. Matthew 9:10-13 tells of a dinner party that the new disciple, Matthew, who was just out of the tax collecting business, threw for Jesus. Matt invited the only other people who had been willing to hang around with him for the past several years, other tax collectors and the rejected "scum" or "sinners" of the town. Jesus came to the dinner and received everyone there. He didn't separate himself or look down on them; instead he demonstrated that he valued them. He ate, spoke, laughed, listened and shared with them. He was willing to receive them as friends, valuable people. As a result, they were open to receive his love, truth, and healing.


Receiving others allows us to love deeper; we become like Jesus. When we open up to receive, everything is sweeter; you can give while being refreshed. You will find that without working at it, you will give more because people will be willing to receive more from you. The time you spend with others will be real, relational, and productive. Love must be the root and motivation of all we do.


The Lord brought confirmation of this truth through many people while in Italy . One woman who came to the worship dance workshop told me that a friend told her about how I ministered in love at the conference the week before. Because of her friend's testimony, the woman said she had to come and receive from me at the workshop. My heart melted. , "You are the beloved of Italy ," a dear brother wrote to me. A minister of love, that is what I want to be; I want to be like Jesus.


If you are in a ministry, you are probably giving, giving, giving. God wants to give back to you. He wants to kiss you deeply and let you know that you are the most precious of all his creations. Take some time to receive his kisses. Lift up your eyes and receive from those around you. Don't be so busy that you pass on invitations to eat and fellowship with others. Slow down and look at the beauty of the people God created and what he has gifted them to do. Stop to truly appreciate people and show them they have value. Let God's love well up within you until it overflows from you to all people. You will begin to know who you are at a deeper level while at the same time being refreshed and renewed. Give and receive, pour out and be filled, minister and be refreshed, this is a vital key for you. Receive, like Jesus, and others will receive you as a person and receive from you.




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