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Newsletter  -  Thursday, August 22, 2013




Have you heard it? It's the shout blasting from the throne room, the word echoing the globe. "SHIFT!"


The Lord has been speaking this word to individuals and congregations around the world for over a year now. I first heard it in the fall of 2011 in Las Vegas at a prophetic conference called, coincidentally, "Shift Happens". Sure enough, our lives began to change dramatically in 2012. I took on a new, rigorous job; Wiesiek was promoted in his government position, became an American citizen; and our children were tested in their ability to function independently as neither of us parents were as readily available for them as we had been in the past. As our lives shifted into high gear, we faced obstacles that tested us vigorously, and through tears and exhaustion we wondered if we could make it. This shift brought with it many blessings as we also stepped into many new opportunities, relationships, and responsibilities that propelled us forward.


This summer while teaching at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, the word "shift" positioned itself as the central theme. It was apparent that God had already been preparing the hearts and vision of the congregation for something deeper, allowing the command "shift" to not only take seed, but put down roots and grow quickly. Just before this time, my spiritual life shifted powerfully and with it my mental, emotional, and physical life as well.


I am so excited to share this newsletter with you as I believe that if you have not already been in the midst of a shift, you are poised to experience one.


For the past two months I have been ministering to individuals and groups on Matthew 5:14-16, which has to do with "shifting" how one sees himself. I have seen so many breakthroughs that I knew I had to share it with you.


First, let's look at the word "shift". When God says, "There will be a shift," or "There is a shift in this place, in your life," the word is being expressed as a noun: an event, an occurrence, a happening, a thing, or even a mental perspective or understanding. God is telling us that there is something new for our lives, our cities, our nations, that is about to occur, and we must have new eyes, new ears, new hearts and new understanding as this shift happens. God's part is the noun; He creates the shift. Our part is the verb, the action that must take place. God's part + our part = powerful changes on the earth, in our communities, in our families, and in our lives.


We definitely want to be a part of this happening, so He tells us that we must shift. Shift used as a verb is a "doable action".


So, what does "shift" mean if we are to do it? defines it:


  • Change - exchange or replace (no more old wineskins)

  • Move - change your place, position, or direction

  • Switch or change gears (as one does when driving)

  • To make a change

  • To go through a change

  • To assume responsibility


It seems that for some change is not a word easily embraced. Mentally we can agree that we want God to change situations or others for the better on our behalf, but we have difficulty changing directions ourselves. Why? That would mean leaving the familiar, the comfortable, the learned, the rehearsed, the established, and the safe places of our lives.


But, God has given the command "shift", so we must exchange what we are used to and how we have always done things, and replace them with His new ways, thoughts, actions, boldness, and words. Our thought process and outlook must change. We need new eyes to look ahead, not behind. We must change our position so as not to look back at how things used to be. We must change directions; leave the past successes and failures and face our brand new future. It may be time for a gear change. Things may speed up or slow down in our lives. One thing is for certain, it is time to let go of the old and allow ourselves to go through change without fear; this means we must assume responsibility for our relationship with God, our relationships with others, and not be afraid to be and to do what we were created to do.


Dancers, if you have not yet begun the shift, do not hesitate to change and make that exchange today. In this new season, our dances and moves must change; no more rehashing the same moves we have done for the past 5-20 years. What is God saying and doing now, today? Our message and how it is delivered must change to align with God's word for this time. Our ministry will take on new and different styles led by Holy Spirit. Our ideas and outreach need to shift to express the depth of God's love for all people. This one may be difficult, but as we change and shift from the past to the future, even our garment styles, flags, etc. must change to go with the God's fresh word. The Lord will give us His new vision and design; God is the ultimate artist and designer and He is always ahead in fashion, color, and style.


How does Matthew 5:14-16 fit into this command "shift"? Let me quote what Jesus said to us:


"You are the light of the world - like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father."


Many of us have not fully accepted that God created us to be the light of the world. We are the vessels He shines through. Think about it, if we are the light of the world, then we must let that light shine so that people do not stumble in the darkness. We are not to be hidden. We are to be a city on a hilltop, the light of the world that helps others navigate their way to the heavenly Father. When we shine God's glory, everyone will praise our heavenly Father...everyone! The Amplified Bible says, "men will...recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven." Why would we choose not to shift and shine?


Here are a couple questions that will answer if you need to shift:

Have you ever felt like Holy Spirit was nudging, speaking, encouraging you to say, do, or dance something, but you didn't? You know what I am talking about; you see someone hurting, and you pass by with the feeling of a squeeze in your heart. Maybe you have seen a need that is not being met in your church and you are frustrated with leadership for not addressing the need, but you have done nothing to address the need yourself. Dancers, during a worship service does your heart start to beat and you feel that you should step out to minister God's heart through dance, but you fear you may be a distraction. Do you stand fighting between safety and God's call to light up the house so that everyone will praise Him. When you wrestle with the shift, you are questioning your relationship with God and your ability to hear and follow Him. Remember that when we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit all of our actions will glorify God. God's part + our part = powerful changes.


Today is your day to "SHIFT"! You are the light of the world! Yes, you are the light of the world. Let me say it one more time; you are the light of the world. Don't put any more baskets over yourself. Stop the thoughts that say, "This person is more anointed than me, so I won't say anything," "That person has more authority than me, so he or she should do something, not me," or "I should step back and let the person with the title minister because...he or she has a title and I don't." If you spend time daily in the Holy of Holies adoring our Creator, receiving the Father's love, listening to the voice of your Beloved, soaking in His word and giving Him your worship, praise, and thanksgiving, then you are living in a place of real relationship with God. The Lord will use you based on your obedience, not on your past achievements. Take those baskets that covered you and burn them!


He is bringing shift across the earth; will you choose to be a part of it?




Instructional worship and praise dance videos


  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 


Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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