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  Music is an expressive language that takes you beyond mere words..">

Hip Hop Praise Dance Instruction Video - GloriousBeyond Words - an instrumental journey

Music CD by Duane Kirkwood

We all find moments in life where words are inadequate and simply get in the way of one's deep emotions and thoughts. Music can be an expressive language that takes you beyond mere words. It is my desire that the atmosphere this music creates takes you on a seamless journey; a journey not of words but of simple rest away from the hectic noise in our loud and busy lives.

May the language of this music take you "Beyond Words"   -   Duane Kirkwood

This instrumental CD is a great addition to your time of devotion, meditation, prayer, rest, stretching, exercising, hosting a dinner or just simply doing your daily chores.

Running time: 45:00       All compositions created, performed, and recorded by Duane Kirkwood.

List price: $15.00
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  • Anticipation

  • Breathless

  • Come Away

  • There With You

  • The Dance

  • Hearts Awakened

  • Captivated

  • Letting Go

  • Protected

  • Breathe You In

  • Delight

  • Embrace

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Excellent! I'm so happy to have purchased this CD. The first listen moved me to tears. Since then, I've played it as background music when I've had guests and it created a calm, relaxing mood. I'll be playing it both when I'm alone and with friends. I've never owned anything like it.  -  Martha Zimmerman

Oh, My God. This is the most beautiful, anointed music I have ever heard.  -  Susan Jones




Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 

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Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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