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Hip Hop Praise Dance Instruction Video - GloriousGlorious - hip hop praise dance instruction video

This energetic urban style praise dance to the song Glorious by Martha Munizzi combines both hip hop and Latin movements to release the powerful message of praise. When this dance debuted at the IWI, a heart of praise and worship was so released that the congregation exploded in spontaneous  praise that continued for an extended period of time. This praise dance video features a fully choreographed dance performed live followed by an easy to learn step by step studio instruction. Glorious can be performed as a solo or a group dance. Our demo dance features non-professional dancers aged 11 - 46.
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Running time: 57:00       
Choreography and instruction by Dawn Pruszkowski
Produced By Wiesiek Pruszkowski

List Price: $29.99

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"You're going to love the energy, enthusiasm, competence, inspiration, and excellence of this praise dance instruction video. Here's a Christian dance ministry that's relevant to today's generation."
Bob Sorge, author,

"The instruction on this praise dance video is very helpful at portraying "real life" praise. The music, culturally relevant movements, and practical instruction is very helpful for any dancer and even non-dancers who want to make His praise glorious."
LaMar Boschman,

"As one of the pioneers of the contemporary movement of dance and the Christian faith, I applaud the efforts of those like Dawn whose well crafted and heart-felt work in dance is rendered as a service and true ministry to the Body of Christ."
Randall Flinn, Director, Ad Deum Dance Company,

"Great mix of worshipful attitude and practical “how to” application.  Although I'm not a dancer, I could see how serious students of any kind of “movement art” would receive some very full and valuable training experience with this praise dance instruction video."
Ed Chinn, writer,


"Someone bought the hip hop praise dance instruction video Glorious for my birthday.  IT IS AWESOME!  I love the choreography style and the instructional portion is wonderful as always.  Your DVD's are by far the best Christian dance instruction videos around.  Being an instructor for 16 years now and only been introduced to this style for 5 years, it's so nice to have resource material where people actually know how to teach dance choreography and not just perform it.  Even my friends that are beginner dancers can get the grasp on to it."
Denise Bell

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Song info

Glorious  from the album The Best Is Yet To Come by Martha Munizzi
Words and Music by Martha Munizzi
© 2003 Say The Name Publishing
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

To buy this CD or download mp3, please click on the following link:

To download only song Glorious use the following link

Here are the lyrics to the song Glorious.


Instructional worship and praise dance videos


  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 


Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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