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We would love to come to your church, your city or your conference to serve you, equip you and help you take your ministry to the next level. We can come together and at the same time work with your dance ministry and the worship team or come and work with either one individually. Here is a brief sample overview of what we offer:

Dawn teaches on:

- having a successful dance ministry - the spiritual and practical foundations
what every dancer must know  
- moving together as a team
- how to communicate with your leadership
- moving into vertical worship dance, breaking through to spontaneous dance
- dance as a tool of intercession, warfare, and making Godís word flesh (prophetic dance)
- understanding banners, flags and other ornaments of praise and worship
- creating choreography
- preparing for your holiday musical
choreographed dances for attendees to use at their church
and more...

Wiesiek teaches on:

- the heart of a worshiper
- the presence versus performance
- excellence in music and vocals
- keys for worship leaders to create a worshiping community
- keys for worship leaders to communicate with their pastors
- keys for worship leaders to work with their creative arts ministries
- when the "writing on the wall" ends - moving into spontaneous worship
- flow - a crucial ingredient of the worship service
- putting together your song list
and more...

Our teaching approach is very practical as we carry many years of experience in our respective ministry areas. Our goal is to tailor each conference or workshop to the needs within your individual church or community of churches. People ask about our financial expectations, we are very reasonable and will work with each event coordinator to meet your needs and expectations within your budget. Compensation depends on the extend of our involvement - how many days, how many sessions, etc. 

If you consider putting on a conference, workshop or need a choreographer for your holiday musical, please fill out a short Inquiry Form here. We will respond shortly and answer any questions you may have.

For our Travel Procedures and Policies please click here.




Instructional worship and praise dance videos


  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 


Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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