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Please Walk Beside Me - Lyrical Worship Dance Instruction VideoPlease Walk Beside Me - lyrical worship dance instruction video

Quiet Prayers Collection

This lyrical worship dance to the song Please Walk Beside Me by Parachute Band with jazz/ballet technique is choreographed for three dancers. The soul stirring theme of this dance routine is the offering of one's heart and life as a sacrifice to the Lord. A demonstration of the Holy Spirit's constant presence flows through every movement of the dance. This lyrical worship dance instruction video features a demo performance, an easy to learn step by step studio instruction, and an alternative ending perfect for special occasions such as ordination, commissioning, and dedication services. 
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Running time: 75:24       
Choreography and instruction by Dawn Pruszkowski
Produced By Wiesiek Pruszkowski

List Price: $29.99

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"I have no hesitation in recommending the Quiet Prayers Collection: Please Walk Beside Me lyrical worship dance instruction video.  Dawn Pruszkowski’s style of choreography is eminently suitable for a variety of worship, devotional, and presentational settings.  Through her clear, thorough and insightful instructions, any dance group that wishes to extend their repertoire and choreographic ideas can enjoy learning dances to inspire the intellect, bless the heart and nourish the spirit."
Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius, Coordinator of International Christian Dance Fellowship,

"Please Walk Beside Me lyrical worship dance instruction video is well put together. It is a wonderful use of the  scarves and a great teaching tool for the study of choreographic principles, such as use of space, use of levels, use of choreographic patterns and direction changes. The step by step instruction is easy to follow and those who take the time to study this dance routine will be able to minister God's peace and rest."
Dr. Pamela Rutherford Hardy, National Co-Coordinator of Christian Dance Fellowship USA, Dance Ministry Coordinator for the National Baptist Congress,

"As one of the pioneers of the contemporary movement of dance and the Christian faith, I applaud the efforts of those like Dawn whose well crafted and heart-felt work in dance is rendered as a service and true ministry to the Body of Christ."
Randall Flinn, Director, Ad Deum Dance Company,


Song info

Please Walk Beside Me  by Wayne Huirua 
from the Parachute Band's album Love and Adore
© 1998 Parachute Music (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Here are the lyrics to the song Please Walk Beside Me 


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