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Praise Dance Instruction Video - Till the Walls FallTill the Walls Fall - praise dance instruction video

Filmed live at the Word Youth Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada,  Till the Walls Fall  is a heart pounding dance of resounding encouragement. Each movement is a powerful statement of warfare through praise. It is an energetic and  strong declaration of Jesus' lordship and our victory in Him. The video features live performance followed by an easy to learn step by step instruction in a mirrored studio. Appropriate for teens and adults.
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Choreography and instruction by Dawn Pruszkowski & Tasheba Davis
Running time: 86:33

List Price: $29.99

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Dance video clip

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"After watching the Till the Walls Fall video by Worship Steps I said God has dropped the vision in the heart of Wiesiek and Dawn Pruszkowski for a ministry that is well needed in this hour to reach our young people who are seeking to use their talent and gift for the Lord. They have found out their purpose and now are moving into it. The world is waiting for this gift. I am happy to see the release of the TILL THE WALLS FALL video; it is a great contribution to God's work done in the earth."
Dr Ann Higgins - teacher, dancer, choreographer, author,

"TILL THE WALLS FALL is a superb example of dance as warfare. The moves are strong, energetic and powerful! The meticulous instruction will make learning the choreography easy for a variety of ages and skill levels. Keep up the GOD work!"
Lakita Humber, Founder of Paneh Praise Dance & Mime Ministry,

"The walls of Jericho came down when God's people offered a shout of praise --at God's time and in God's way. This dance celebrates that glorious victory. It's designed to inspire God's people to praise their way into spiritual victory."
Bob Sorge, author,

"As one of the pioneers of the contemporary movement of dance and the Christian faith, I applaud the efforts of those like Dawn whose well crafted and heart-felt work in dance is rendered as a service and true ministry to the Body of Christ."
Randall Flinn, Director, Ad Deum Dance Company,


Song info

Till the Walls Fall  from the album No Limits Live by Martha Munizzi
Words and Music by Martha D. Munizzi (BMI) / Eric Reed (NA)
2005 Say The Name Publishing
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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To download only song Till the Walls Fall use the following link:

Here are the lyrics to the song Till the Walls Fall.


Instructional worship and praise dance videos


  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 


Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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