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Newsletter  -  Thursday, September 27, 2007

In this issue: 
   -   Eternal Worship 365 24/7 report
   -   dance outreach ideas
   -   DVD sale (can be used for your Christmas presentation)
   -   sneak peak of a new product - music CD

Hello everyone!

Conference Report

What an incredible time we had at the Eternal Worship 365 24/7 conference here in Las Vegas! Mega blessings to Rekesha Pittman who hosted it. The teaching was rich, the worship sweet and the relationships formed were precious. On Saturday, September 15, we worshiped and praised with dance for 3 hours in an outdoor market place on the Las Vegas Strip. Much prayer, fasting, warfare and preparations took place before the event. That night, dancers from around the United States, Bahamas and Singapore celebrated Jesus together boldly and passionately in the warm atmosphere of city. Here is an abbreviated list of the results:

      1. The name of Jesus was lifted up loud and clear in Las Vegas.

      2. The Body of Christ was unified as churches in the city came together joined by churches around the globe... blessing was bestowed.

      3. Salvation sprung up from the ground. Many on lookers, shoppers and kiosk workers gave their lives to Jesus without preaching or an alter call.

      4. People experienced freedom in Christ. Spontaneous praise dance occurred before each session of choreographed dances. There were usually 4-5 dances in each session and then the spontaneous praise again. The last half hour or more was full out praise. People passing by were invited to join in the spontaneous praise, and many did. They laughed, wept, shouted, danced and sang out the choruses of praise to Jesus. Over and over the words of "being refreshed" were uttered by those who joined.

      5. Dancers experienced ministering in outreach directly to people in need. It is important to take ministry outside the 4 walls of the Jesus. Many have caught the vision for ministry to their city.

      6. The Gospel was presented in excellence. The dancers who ministered did so expertly. They were well prepared so that it was not a dance number in which they were concerned about messing up, but a ministry piece that they were able to convey directly to those who needed to receive ministry.

Dance Outreach Ideas

Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone (Mark16:15). As dancers, we have the joy of our feet bringing the Good News in a beautiful way while treading on satan. As movement ministers, we have the privilege of making the Word of God flesh so that all can taste and see that the Lord is good.

Get together with your dancers and begin to pray for God to prepare you to reach your city. Ask the Creator for creative ideas. These are some ideas I have heard. Run your dance rehearsal in a park where children can watch. Volunteer to teach dance at recreation facilities, youth clubs, scouting events or advertise and give free dance classes in the park. Take part in city parades and praise dance with all your might! Look for city arts events, festivals, talent exhibits and enter. Donít preach, let the music and dance do that for you. Prepare a program of several movement pieces and ask if you can do them in the mall, city center, wherever people gather. Often using a name other than a church name to do this will open the door easier when talking to those in charge. I want to really encourage you to go outside your church dance group and invite movement or music ministries from other churches to join you. The Body of Christ united can take the city. Remember to under gird it all with prayer and fasting as you prepare. Everyone participating needs to know how to pray and share Godís Word boldly and work in two or more. Be sure that you present Jesus in love, compassion, redemption, restoration, freedom, joy, unity and excellence. Know that the enemy will fight against you so deal with him immediately and appropriately as he comes against you. Have prayer warriors surrounding you in prayer before, during and after the outreach.

Go and shine your light to a dark and lonely world.

DVD sale

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Bob Sorge, author,

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Sneak Peak

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Instructional worship and praise dance videos


  Instructional worship and praise dance videos 


Instructional worship and praise dance videos

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